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An object's image, as defined by the designer, is the possible image formed as a result of manipulation of such object.


An object's image, as defined by the designer, is the possible image formed as a result of manipulation of such object.The designer has attempted to summarize the existential state of people and objects in space.

Designers are obsessed with "quiet tension",which arouses immeasurable perception and imagination  in measurable spatial form and between objects.


The planar functional area is mainly connected by an exterior passage by the entrance and an interior passage within the functional area. On the one hand, the multi-functional cabinet between the interior and exterior passages acts as a screen and a buffer between the entrance and the office area. On the other hand, by integrating the function of a public refreshment bar with lamps, the cabinet adopts a somewhat humorous yet strange and very practical take on design as it appears to change form in different locations within the space.


Transparent glass is used on one side of the public passageway in the office area to maximize the amount of natural light. Natural light, as an important clue of plane planning, connects all elements in the space. Under the witness of light, materials, objects, forms, colors and other spatial elements achieve poetic situation.


More over, the designer has attempted to obscure the functionality of the space and make it a friendly, laid-back space. It has the quality ofa museum and is a space in which people and things transform and intertwine together. The atmosphere of the space changes continuously with the change in natural light, and keep some kind of unfinished status.


The half-body " boy" sculpture,created by fillstudio,seems to be talking to space in its own way, giving the space a sense of stillness.

设计者认为对物的认知应超越它本身的形体与色彩属性,物与物,物与人的关系应当是值得被关注和按某种空间逻辑进行编辑的。The designer believes that recognition of an object should go beyond its form and color attributes, and that the relationship between objects and between objects and people should be worthy of attention and edited based on spatial logic.


In this project, space acts as an event trigger, promoting the interaction and establishment of relationships between people and objects, and enabling them to look beyond their intended meaning and finally establish an emotional connection with each other.


设计者在满足基本功能需求的前提下,借助空间架构与细节设计,尝试去呈现空间的艺术性和当代性。The designer has attempted to present the artistic and contemporary nature of the space with the help of spatial structure and detailed design while also meeting basic functional needs.通过物化的空间去琢磨时间,而深植于设计者内心的“未完成”,即某种想象的空间,还在继续......

Through materialized space to ponder over time, and deeply rooted in the heart of the designer "unfinished", that is, the space of some kind of imagination, is still continuing......




Name | 项目名称:物象 | OBJECT IMAGE

Interior Design | 主案设计:杨跃文  | FILL STUDIO 

Assistant design | 助理设计:吴瑾 唐美琼 林千植 | FILL STUDIO

Technical execution|技术执行:洪海湛  

Installation |艺术装置:FILL - ART 

Photographer | 摄影师:花觉摄影 FEAST VISION

Editor | 编辑:梁健苗 | FILL STUDIO

Location | 项目地点:广东佛山

Area | 项目面积:350㎡

Client | 项目业主:S · H · F

Date | 完成时间:20190218


杨跃文    广州美术学院硕士    FILLSTUDIO创办人 


Fillstudio is a cutting-edge interdisciplinary design studio founded in 2015 by Mr. Yang Yuewen, specialized in interior design, product design, brand consulting and art direction. It is the primary principle of the studio to reconcile art and technology, imagination and reality to the highest standard in its daily practices. Designers try to manifest the aesthetics of space design with a contemporary perspective and a rigorous way of working, ultimately giving the project a sense of comfort, artistry and timelessness.

团队曾获得意大利A-DESIGN设计奖,APDC亚太室内设计奖, IAI设计奖,I-DING 奖,艾特奖,金堂奖等设计大奖。

The team has won the Italian A-DESIGN Design Award,APDC Asia Pacific Interior Design Award, IAI Design Award, I-DING AWARD,  IDEA - TOPS Award, JINTANG Prize,  and other design awards.  






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