• Summer Residence by Kapsimalis Architects

    The building is placed on a mild sloping plot surrounded by vineyards and facing the southwest part of the island and the Aegean sea. The building is a single residence which can be divided into three separate houses each with its own private outdoor space. The ground floor consists of the main sitting--‐dining room, the main kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a secondary kitchenette. Three bedrooms with their bathrooms can be found on the upper floor while in the basement there are support

  • Amazing Views from an Elevated Stage in China

    Situé près des pistes de ski et des forêts de Songhui Lake Resort à Ji Lin en Chine,Stage of Forestest une structure en béton imposante qui offre une vue magnifique sur le paysage. Conçu parMETA-Project, un studio d’architecture et design à Beijing, le batiment est utilisé comme un espace public pour des événements, des expositions, des réunions et des ateliers, en stimulant la relation entre les gens et la nature.Images © Su Shengliang

  • Gucci’s new Milan headquarters transforms an abandoned aircraft factory

    Gucci has opened a new headquarters in Milan, Italy, designed by architects Piuarch, transforming a former Caproni aircraft factory. The renovated and extended industrial structure built in 1915 has become a hub for its offices as well as a runway, showroom and restaurant.The renovation aims to celebrate the original features of the building. This includes the abandoned warehouses with brick facades, which offer large open floor plans, and the hangar, originally used for the final assembly of th

  • News / Architecture Asif Khan has designed the darkest building on earth for the Winter Olympics, u

    The pavilion’s ten-metre-high exterior walls have been painted in Vantablack VBx2, a newer version of the original Vantablack super black –acquired for exclusive use by Anish Kapoor – making the building the largest continuous nanostructure. Vantablack VBx2 can absorb 99% of light that hits it, which has the effect of a visual illusion and makes the Hyundai Pavilion look like a black void. Its outside walls are decorated with thousands of light-up stars which give the impression of looking in

  • Esrawe Studio Designs Experiential Showroom and Exhibition Space for Grupo Arca in Guadalajara

    Grupo Arcahas big ambitions.With showrooms in Mexico City and Monterrey, it is a favorite of Mexico-based architects and interior designers, offering them premium building materials: wood flooring from France, an array of masonry bricks, Italian-fabricated engineered stone, and exotic natural stone from around the globe. But Grupo Arca also takes pride in a higher purpose, to be “a node of creative connections that promotes design, culture, and art through extraordinary experiences,” according

  • A Twisting Copper Stair

    Le centre des sciences et technologies de Copenhague,l’Expérimentarium, s’est récemment doté d’un gigantesque escalier de cuivre qui s’élève sur quatre étages en une tornade de métal. Conçu par le studio d’architecture danois CEBRA, il évoque à la fois l’évolution de l’humanité, l’élévation vers la technologie et le lien entre nos préoccupations concrètes et les idées du temps. Long de plus de 300 pieds, ce colosse luisant est composé de plus de 20 000 livres de cui

  • Secondary school with contemporary design in London

    The project was led by the architectural studio “Allford Hall Monaghan Morris” which won the prestigious British award for architecture “RIBA Stirling Prize” for 2015.The transformation includes six new architectural structures, including four buildings accommodating the necessary spaces for education, which also transmit the spirit of the original school in afunctional and practical way. The buildings have four floors, the new sports hall and performing arts buildingare united with the exis

  • Distinctively-Shaped Home in the Californian Desert

    Desert House de l’architecteKendrick Bangs Kellogga pris plus de 10 ans à construire, finalement achevée au debut des années 2000. Connue pour son architecture organique et son esthétique unique, la maison ressemble à des feuilles de palmier futuristes qui se chevauchent: une caractéristique frappante qui surgit de la colline rocheuse du desert californien sur lequel elle est construite. Les intérieurs se mêlent à d’énormes rochers, des sols en pierres et des dalles de béton, avec d

  • Casa Cook Chania by Lambs & Lions

    The third manifestation of the Casa Cook resort brand, Casa Cook Chania is a continuation of the brand’s image of texturally enriched comfort within a laid-back luxury concept, established by the visionary art direction of the interior design studio Lambs and Lions, Berlin. Here their refined creative approach is adapted to the extensive hillside location on the Cretan coast, and has been developed and realised in collaboration with Greek architects k-studio and interior stylist Annabell Kutucu

  • McDonald’s Headquarters

    To give its sprawling West Loop workspace in Chicago a strong narrative flair and sense of identity,McDonald'staskedInterior DesignHall of Fame member Primo Orpillawith integrating an impactful spatial-graphics program. “The project reads like a nine-story deep dive into corporate culture,” theStudio O+Aprincipal and co-founder explains. He and his team plumbed the company archives to unearth vintage packaging, logos, advertisements, and mementos, which became the main ingredients of retro



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